Accounts & CCS Information


The Commonwealth Government provides financial assistance for eligible parents utilizing childcare. Child Care Subsidy (CCS) can be arranged through Centrelink online.

Please contact the CHILD CARE ACCESS HOTLINE on 1800 670 305 (FREECALL) for further information
These can only be paid if YOU have given us:
o Your CRN
o Your Child’s CRN
o Your birthday
o Your Child’s birthday
o AND you have applied for CCS with Centrelink.
The CRN’s are not provided to us by any government department.
It is these details that will release your childcare data from our billing program to Centrelink.

REGISTRATION for “Childcare Subsidy” (CCS)
You must register each child for CCS with Centrelink.

CRN’s issued by Centrelink MUST be given to the centre if you want to receive any government childcare rebates or subsidies. Childcare information cannot be released to Centrelink without them.

A refundable bond will be charged to your account. This will be equivalent to 2 weeks fees with a minimum amount of $250. The bond will be refunded to your closing account balance when your child leaves the centre. Any closing credit that we owe you will be repaid to you.


  • Invoices are issued every week, usually on the Wednesday/Thursday.
    o They will be emailed to the address provided on your enrolment form.
    o Please notify us if you prefer another email address for invoices.
    o Please identify your current closing balance/amount owing from the bottom right of the invoice.

Description of invoice:

  • One invoice issued for each week ending Sunday.
  • Dates for the period covered are in the top left of the invoice. (Monday – Sunday)
  • Please check the “Booking Details” at the bottom for the week’s charges.
  • Check the sessions invoiced and notify the office immediately if there appears to be a problem.
  • Data is exchanged daily with Canberra and alterations that effect CCS can be involved.
  • The total of these charges is shown at “Child Care Fees”, below the opening balance.
  • Any government payments will show under “Subsidies”.
  • Any payment received during that invoice billing period will show under “Receipts & Payments”.

PLEASE NOTE: Any bank transfer made on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday will not appear on our bank statement until the following Monday. This means it will not appear on the invoice covering the period/day that you paid. It will be receipted on Monday and will therefore appear on the next week’s invoice.

Terms of payment:

  • Terms are payment on receipt of invoice.
  • Please pay the most recent closing balance on receipt of each fortnight‟s invoices.
  • We are a “Not for profit community” based Centre with no external funding and must meet our financial commitments as they fall due. Please pay your accounts on time.

Method of payment:

  • Only by bank transfer . We do not have eftpos or credit card facilities as these incur bank charges.
  • The centre’s bank details are on the top right of the invoice.
  • Bank transfer ID: To help us identify the payment, please start your payment ID with the surname that appears on the top of your invoice. Bank statements do not always show/print the last part of an ID.
  •  If your bank will not allow an “alpha” entry or you do not want to show a name on the ID, please select a code/number that you will use for every payment to our centre. (you could use part of your phone number)
  • Please notify us of your unique ID number for ongoing payment identification.
  • Receipt details are printed on the invoice.