Our priority is the well-being and security of your child. No person other than those authorised by you will be permitted to take your child from the Centre.

While your child attends the Centre every effort will be made to prevent accidents. The indoor / outdoor environments are constantly evaluated to ensure child-safety requirements.
However, if a child does have an accident, staff have been trained in First Aid and receive regular First Aid and CPR updates. Staff also undergo Asthma and Anaphylaxis management training.
We will contact you immediately if an accident or illness does occur, therefore it is extremely important that we are kept updated with any change of address or contact number.

If your child requires medication while attending the Centre please remember the following points: Children must commence a course of antibiotics at least 24 hours prior to returning to child care. The medication must be in original bottle labeled with child’s name. The medication is handed over to a staff member. The medication chart is filled in by you and checked by a staff member.

The use of pain relief medication for children suffering from illness can be an important aid in the battle with illness but does not diminish the risk of spreading disease amongst other children. It is very important that children who are unwell and possibly infectious, remain at home until symptoms have disappeared. The Centre follows the Federal Government guidelines “Staying Healthy in Child Care‟ which stipulates specific exclusion times for different illnesses in order to maximise the health outcomes for children in long day care. These guidelines are available to view in the office either in hard copy form or we can send specific illness information electronically anytime.

There are a number of policies with which you may wish to familiarise yourself regarding your child. These are available from the office;
Code of Ethics
Anti-bias policy
Gender equity
Multicultural policy
Inclusion policy
Care and Educational Philosophy
Goals in support of the programme
Accident policy
Behaviour Management policy
Child Protection policy
Clothing and Sun Protection
Collection / Release of Children
First Aid Health policy
Exclusion policy
Occupational Health and Safety
Notification of Infectious Diseases
Medication / Diet / Special Health considerations
Staff rep. on Management Committee
Provision and use of nappies
Nutrition policy

Breastfeeding policy

Security of Children
Security; Custody and Access Issues
Special items from home
Supervision of children
Parent grievance procedure
Parent involvement
Language Guidelines policy
Environment Awareness policy
Evacuation Procedure
Fire safety
Freedom of information
Television / Media policy
Legal liability re: duty of care
Research in the Centre
Guidelines for students and volunteers