Enrolment Information

An initial interview will be necessary on enrolment during which the hours of the child’s
attendance, emergency contact numbers (in case of emergency / illness), special needs, child’s health and immunisation status will be discussed. If the Centre has no available places, your child’s name will be placed on the waiting list and you will be notified in advance of an impending vacancy. Please contact the Centre on a monthly basis to confirm your interest.

As a child care service which receives Child Care Benefit from the Commonwealth
Government, we abide by the following priority of access guidelines set by the Department of Family and Community Services;
-Child at risk of abuse or neglect OR Family in crisis.
-Family with recognised work or work-related commitments.
-Family with greatest need for child care support.

Before your family starts with us, it is important for you and your child to feel comfortable and familiar with the staff and surroundings. Settling also gives us a chance to get to know your child’s individual needs/routine, and begin to establish a relationship with each other. We have found that the most effective way of settling is to visit the Centre three or four times prior to commencement, and on the last visit, leave your child for an hour or so. The best times to do this are 10.30am or 3.15pm and dates will be arranged with you accordingly. We also encourage you to bring in any special toys, teddies, blankets etc. as this may help to settle your child more comfortably. As your child grows and progresses from one section to the next, we will assure that the settling process is undertaken each time for your child and family to assimilate through the Centre as smoothly as possibly. We will also endeavour to include any cultural practices that are particular to your family and do everything we can to make the Centre an extension of your home and community.

When circumstances change, please contact the Director to discuss changes to;

  • Child’s hours or child’s days of attendance.
  • Change of address or telephone number.
  • Change of your or your child’s name.
  • Change in emergency contact telephone numbers in case of emergency / illness.
  • Persons authorised to collect your child.
  • Notice of cancellation of care. (2 weeks notice required)
  • Custody arrangements.

Additional sessions may be provided for part-time users. Additional sessions are subject to vacancies on the day that care is required. Users requiring additional sessions should contact the Director, in writing, giving as much notice as possible of their requirements. Normal session rates for the user will apply.
Additional sessions booked and not used (or canceled) will also be billed at the normal rate.

Full fees will be charged for any permanent bookings regardless of attendance. As a community based, non-profit entity we rely solely on fee income to pay staff wages.

Please remember the CHILDCARE CENTRE CLOSES AT 6:00 PM
Due to the extra staffing costs associated with remaining open past 6.00pm, a $50.00 Late Fee will be charged to Parents who arrive after 6.00pm to collect their children. It is understood that even the best laid plans can come unstuck, so this fee will be at the Director’s discretion.

Each time you drop off and pick up your child, you must sign the ATTENDANCE SHEET. The Federal Government uses this information to calculate the amount of CCB/CCR that each family is entitled to and will impose hefty penalties to families that do not adhere to this regulation.

The Centre requires a minimum of 2 weeks notice if ceasing enrolment. Fees will be charged for cancellation of bookings (permanent or casual) for 2 weeks from such notification.


Please pack your child’s bag each day with the following items:

  1. Spare t-shirt, pants, socks etc. in case your child requires a dry or clean change of clothes
  2. Disposable nappies/ spare underpants etc. if required
  3. Any comforting items such as dummies, special blanket, teddy etc.
  4. Kindy children need a clearly labelled drink bottle                                        (baby/toddler drink cups provided)
  5. Medication/allergy requirements (prescribed) to be handed over to staff each day.