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web5Xmas Closure

Thank-you to all our families for providing feedback regarding the proposed extended closure over the Xmas/new year break. We had an overwhelming response in which over 95% of families were happy for us to reopen on the 7th of January 2019. We are very grateful for your understanding, given such late notice and for those families who responded that they cannot make alternative arrangements on those dates, we will contact you shortly to clarify your needs.

We will close from Monday the 24th of Dec. 2018

and reopen at 6.30am on Jan 7th, 2019.

This closure time will be well utilised. We will be conducting both full staff meetings and in specific- room based teams. We will also be redecorating and redesigning our indoor environments in order to refresh each space in preparation for 2019.web4

In the lead up to Xmas, the centre will be undergoing some maintenance such as painting etc. so please excuse the drab interior design as we prepare for this to occur. In addition, the many wooden decks, paths etc. will also be sanded and oiled in the coming weeks.

Outdoor Development

We are very nearly at the end of our playground redevelopment after losing most of our trees, cubbies and sandpits to the carpark construction process in 2016. The trees, grasses and shrubs are thriving, and the creation of interesting and challenging environments is all but complete.

We have strived to create an outdoor space that is forever changing with the seasons / weather and that challenges children to explore, climb and expand their balance and gross-motor skills. We have observed and listened to the needs of children and planned an environment promoting healthy and positive behaviour each day.

You may have noticed the new ‘nest’ swing we have erected in the kindy yard. This swing is just one component of many in the kindy environment to enhance our capacity to cater for children with varying needs. The final design of all our yards will not be fully apparent for a few more years as we await the maturing of trees to provide natural shade. In the mean-time we have employed the use of shade sails and large umbrellas to provide shady environments in each yard.

Our outdoor environment is a fundamental tenet of our programme. It allows children the capacity to create, design and follow their own interests. It is also constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure our children are fully engaged and at the end of each day, well exercised both physically and mentally.web3

Changes to Sign-in/out Procedures

From January 14th, 2019, we are obliged to record all attendances electronically (and in real time) to the Federal Government. As a result, we will be changing software packages from Spike to X-Plor as this will best serve our requirements from hereon. This soft-ware will also cover all our accounting tasks so tax invoices etc. will look different (hopefully simpler to follow) also.

The Government’s reason for requiring this information is not clear, although it is likely that they will introduce CCS only for the exact child care hours used which will make staffing for expected attendances very interesting indeed.

As soon as we are ready to make the soft-ware change, we will communicate all the changes to you and ensure a smooth transition.


Each year at our staff Xmas drinks, we celebrate our staff members who have reached a milestone of continued service and this year we had many people to celebrate.

At the Gilbert Street Hotel on Saturday the 24th November, Stacey McSheffrey (Baby-house) was thanked for 30 years of service, making her the third person on our current team to reach this amazing milestone. Stacey was presented with a lovely watch and many kind words as we remembered some of the more memorable moments of her tenure.

Amy Mitchell, Tanya Smirnova, Belinda Hanns, Sam Briskham, Jenna Docherty, Tracey Allen & Anne Hondrou, were all congratulated and presented with a small token of appreciation for reaching 10 years or more service to the centre.

The child care industry is notorious for high staff turn-over and subsequently low levels of work experience, training and skills so these milestones are particularly important in delivering high quality outcomes for your children.


Over the coming weeks, the staff in your child’s room will discuss the transition process for your child if they are transitioning to the next room in early 2019. Many children will begin the transition process up to the next age group over the coming months. The staff will discuss your child’s transition visits commencing during December/January and will also take you for a tour and to meet the staff. We transition children very slowly and will ensure your child is very comfortable before they move up. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Throughout 2018, the older kindy children have enjoyed participating in our inter-generational play group ‘Gen-play’ on Thursday mornings at the FMC Rehabilitation Centre.  It has been a rewarding experience for both patients and children.  We believe it has met our aims for enhancing emotional well-being, encouraging a sense of community and developing communication and fine motor skills.

On Thursday 6th December it will be our final Gen-play session for the year.  We are planning Xmas themed activities with face painting, craft and a visit from Santa.  There may be a television crew present to film a piece that highlights the benefits of this program for both age groups. Consent forms for the specific children involved have been distributed already.

We will let you know the details about if, when and where this filming will go to air.

Your constructive feedback is vital if we are to achieve the best possible outcomes for your child. Please drop into the office anytime or contact us if you wish to discuss any aspect of the Centre’s operations.

Julianne & Martin


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