Autumn 2018 Newsletter

If you have ventured into our outdoor environments recently you will have noticed quite a transformation. From the decimated remains of our old play-spaces (once lush with trees and cubbies etc.) have sprung very green and interesting gardens that demonstrate the future direction of our programs. These gardens will improve every day as each small construction is completed, each intimate learning space is landscaped and we have natural shade with branches and trunks to climb.

From newly planted mature trees and grasses to the abundance of logs, boulders and cubbies, the yards are quickly developing into spaces where children can wander, investigate, collaborate and learn from the resources of nature. Where they can socialise and communicate at their own pace. Where they can build on ideas in the knowledge that their play is valued and understood.

Mathematical concepts such as sequencing, sorting, gravity, volume and density are all in play as children push large trucks through sand, dirt and water or when a river is diverted many times down a hill past tree-roots and rocks. The introduction of ‘potion centres’ in each yard will allow children to mix, experiment and design; utilising water, chalk, natural colouring agents such as ochre / sandstone and of course mud.


Over the coming weeks, you will finally see the play environments we have been promising these past two years. The outdoor rooms / pergolas are very nearly completed and Bruce is in the process of constructing the T1 cubby house with suspension bridge and new slide. We have many more design feature to add to our yards in the coming months including the installation of climbing apparatus /ropes, many new plants and pathways.


On Tuesday the 27th of March the child care industry will be walking off the job at 12.30pm to put pressure on the Federal Govt. to improve (fund) the wages and conditions of child care workers around Australia. The child care industry has exhausted all other avenues and exhibited extreme patience in its fight for pay equity and after being opposed in the Fair Work Commission by the Turnbull Government (who had previously indicated that they supported the claim), more pressure must now be brought to bear. Child care workers are among the lowest paid professionals in Australia and deserve remuneration commensurate with the skill level, dedication and importance of their work.

The centre will close at 12.30pm on Tuesday the 27th of March in order for our workers and hopefully some of our families to attend a mass rally in the city at 3.00pm in Hindmarsh Square. Please show your support either by keeping your child/ren home on the 27th or pick up prior to 12.30pm, attending the rally, writing to your Federal Member of Parliament or by letting the staff know that you support them in this quest for wage justice.   Fees will not be charged for absence on this day or for the afternoon session.



Tanya s. (T1) recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Myah Hope.  Tanya, her partner David and Myah are all doing very well and thrilled at the prospect of family life. Tanya is due to return to work  in late 2018. We wish Tanya all the best and eagerly await her return.

Bruce Peers will resume his full-time role in the kindy in early April. Bruce has spent the past six months repairing/building infrastructure and constructing new play spaces for the children. We thank Bruce immensely for his hard work and skill-set during this time.


In the coming months, we hope to change over to a new Internet provider as SA Health is asking all existing associated enterprises (not medical), to find alternative providers. This will mean a new email address for the centre but importantly it will allow us more flexibility and security to manage our own communications systems. Unfortunately, the centre is nestled in between many buildings and hills with no NBN or phone lines nearby. It is a challenge finding a solution that is both dependable and affordable. We will keep you posted.


If you would like to join our management committee, please pop into the office and discuss with either Julianne or myself. The committee aims to meet bi-monthly on Tuesdays at 5.00pm – 6.00pm. These meetings are very relaxed and involve discussions pertaining to the future directions of the centre, fundraising and any other issues that may arise.


From July 2018, the Federal Government is changing how child care payments are made as outlined here


Ensuring that the best outcomes are achieved for every child in our care is the sole focus of the staff team.  It is through communication between staff and children, staff and parents and children and parents that we can best hope to achieve this goal.

Please discuss your aspirations for your child/ren with either the staff in your room or contact the office anytime to discuss any matter however small.

Thank you,


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